The Real Estate market is hot in Utah County! Homes of every price are selling quickly and for top dollar! However, minor imperfections can negatively affect the sales price of your home. Even small holes in walls, nail-pops, dings and dents can be big buyer turn-offs. Let PatchMaster make your home whole, so that you can get the most value out of your sale.

Just a few wall dings and dents? Then our dings and dents special is for you! For just $199 we will repair up to 30 dings, dents, nail holes, or any other cosmetic damage. Our skilled technicians can match any texture, so it will be like the holes never existed. We will also prime the areas so they are ready for touch-up paint right away.

Drywall Repair to Before You Sell Your House

Could these walls tell stories? Our movers special will get almost all homes ready to hit the market running. For just $499 we will repair up to 50 dings, dents, nail holes, or other cosmetic damage, repair one hole up to 2’ x 2’, and match one color of paint so that your home will attract the highest offers. Don’t let a few minor drywall holes keep you from taking advantage of this amazing market. Call today to make your home whole again!